About The Shri Narayan Group

An education centre (NGO) "SHRI NARAYAN SARSWATI GYAN MANDIR" is established by Late Shri Ashok Upadhyay (also called as ‘Narayan’) in a small village Nibahara, district Mainpuri of Uttar Pradesh (India) in 1989. This Non Government Organization is registered in the Agra Region under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

Shri Ashok Upadhyay wanted to develop ‘young brain power’ and utilize this power for the development of rural areas of the country. After want of his spiritual life in 1998 his dream came into existence as ‘SHRI NARAYAN GROUP’ in 2010 and started to work with creative young blood.

We have three parts which are the extend form of SNG (‘S’hri ‘N’arayan ‘G’roup):
S for ‘SWAPN’(Dream) everyone starts his career with his sweet dreams.
N for ‘NIRMAN’ (Construction) tries to construct stairs with the help of his skills and talent towards his goal.
G for ‘GANTAVYA’ (Destination) after all of this, he achieve his destination.

SHRI NARAYAN GROUP is one of the India’s leading Group which mainly deals in:

‘GANTAVYA’: Placement Services

‘NIRMAN’: Education & Skill Training Centres, Accounts Services, Career Consultancy

‘SWAPN’: Website Development, Application & ERP Software Development Services