‘GANTAVYA’ (Destination)

Placement Services & Temporary Staffing

We are GANTAVYA (Destination) running by Shri Narayan Group. This is the place of destination for both Job Seekers (search a place for their job according to their skill, interest and hobby) and Employers (required a skillful, talented candidate, who become the active part of the organization).

We have well equipped and powerful integrated recruitment technologies and a team of experienced recruiters. All our recruiters have valuable experience and thus are able to recruit the right people at the right positions. We provide efficient & skillful manpower to the progressive business machinery.

Shir Narayan Group also provides placement services for temporary staffing at various levels across industries. We take care about the entire statutory obligations of the employees. Our temporary staffing solution provides flexible, cost-effective and efficient staffing solution to our clients.

Business Model:

• First we know about the need of the employer
• Search a skillful, hardworking suitable candidate to fulfill the requirement
• Selection from our refined database of prospective employees and from our skill development & training centres
• Providing all kinds of talent at one place
• Minimising the distance between employer & employee and satisfying both
• Our aim is to offer professionals dedicated to providing the most competent and highest value service possible for our clients.

Services We Provide:

• Administration
• Education
• Engineering sector
• Finance
• Human Resource
• Information Technology
• Marketing
• Security Services